What We Do

Medical Display

Gesture is the ideal interface for displays in surgical rooms where strict sanitation is enforced. Air swipe to switch X-rays or video sources and 2-hands pinch to zoom.

Interactive Signage

Whether it's browsing the store's latest collections or finding the train's timetalbes, gesture control makes your business place eye-catching, sleek, and extremely user-friendly

Game Play

Enjoy games? Bored of keyboard, mouse and game console? Gesture control makes your game play experience unprecedentedly immersive.


Simple Frame

SpaceTouch has the benefit of extremely simple, low-cost hardware. The system includes:     a thin sensing frame with 4 copper wire electrodes;     readout electronics with a patented CMOS IC;     flexible, extensible gesture-recognition software. The simplistic hardware and flexible software make SpaceTouch easily and rapidly integrated into new products and existing displays.


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10× lower

  • No camera
  • Super low power
  • Super low computation
  • Gesture recongition independent of PC/MAC


Plug in & Play

  • frames + chip
  • 99% gesture accuracy
  • No change of display appearance
  • Gesture API provided


10x greater range

  • Gesture to display
  • Half a meter range
  • Supports 50"+ displays
  • Works behind glasses, wood, etc.
  • Yingzhe Hu

    CTO/R&D Engineer

    Yingzhe is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering Department. His research focuses on designing novel sensing chips, so that electronics can have better sensing capabilities, ranging from capturing human gestures to recording bridge vibrations. He is also a tennis enthusiast and hands on prototyping hobbyist. . .

  • Aoxiang Tang

    R&D Engineer

    Aoxiang obtained his Ph.D degree from the department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. He develops the gesture recognition algorithm behind Spacetouch. He's a perfectionist with a great attention to detail. He loves hiking, photography and learning new things. . .

  • Liechao Huang

    R&D Engineer

    Liechao is pursuing his PhD in Electrical Engineering in Princeton University, during which he co­developed the gesture sensing technology with the SpaceTouch team. His expertise lies in hardware design and implementation. During his PhD life, in addition to the gesture sensing system, other systems Liechao involved include strain sensing system, MEMS resonator readout platform and microphone beamforming system, etc. .